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El Yucateco Chipotle Hot Sauce

What the bottle says...

What we say...
This is the real deal - a truly authentic Mexican Chipotle sauce. This sauce is essentially mexican smoked jalapenos with a handful of spices and it really delivers a fantastic combination of smokiness and heat. Delicious to add depth to any meal, particularly stews pasta sauces , chillies etc.

Big in the US where it is exported to in large quantities this hot sauce is unfortunately hard to find in the UK - so snap it up while you can.

Price: 2.99 for 150ml bottle

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El Yucateco Chipotle Hot Sauce - Ingredients/Contents

Ingredients: chipotle peppers, water, fructose, salt, spices, acetic acid, preservative

Size: 150ml bottle

Heat Rating: Fiery

Maker: El Yucateco

Country of Origin: Mexico

by Richard
This sauce has to be one of the tastiest I have ever had.quite mild but seriously addictive.I would have it on my corn flakes if I liked corn flakes. buy it!!!..

by Dave A.
Perfect chipotle sauce in my opinion. Authentic smoky taste with a small but pleasant kick. It's very runny so it's not really suited for using as a dipping sauce for chips but it goes very well on tacos or as a filler for a nice fajita. Also, you can't complain at the price!..

by Harry Krueger
Excellent sauce. Sweet, rich smokey chipotle flavor, and a low/medium burn that's enjoyable and never overwhelming. Very cheap too, so worth trying at least once! Will definitely buy again...

by Judd Clarke
This may be the best sauce I've tried. Tastes wonderful, natural and authentic. Add to Chillis, nachos, use as a marinade... this will improve anything! Stick a dollop on a plate of egg and chips and you've got one of the best meals in christendom...

by Anthony North
Mr Fulton is spot on - the word is "depth". This versatile sauce will turn an ordinary shop-bought chilli con carne into something that tastes really authentic. This is now one of my staple products in the kitchen...

by Brian Fulton
I have tried this sauce twice before and I find the depth of the chipotle excellent. The heat is quite good but then my taste buds are gradually diminishing through time due to continual tasting. This is the bottle I will always have on my list when reordering with Scorchio. The flavour is superb...

by Brian Fulton
Absolutely fantastic flavour and depth. I have tried a few others though find this brand to have the best flavour with a more than adequet depth of heat. Added to chili, stews, casseroles, marinades, burgers and grill foods. An excellent product. 5 out of 5...

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