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Susie's Original Hot Sauce

What the bottle says...
The Carribean taste!
Winner 2004 golden chile award

What we say...
Susie's hot sauces are a hidden gem. Never widely available beyond the sun-kissed island of Antigua, word is spread of this fantastic range of sauces only by those lucky enough to have visited the island and have become addicted to the wonderful island flavours.

Susie's award winning original flavour was created by Aunt Susie in her kitchen with her own special recipe over 40 years ago and remains in the family to this day - Rosie, Susies daughter and current owner was recently awarded an MBE for services to the food industry.

Anyway, enough about the history - let's talk about the flavour! What we love about Susies sauces are the rustic homemade style. You get big chunks of yellow and red Scotch Bonnet peppers in the sauce, batched vary in consistency and color, yet the delicious flavour of Scotch Bonnets is always the first thing that hits you. There's not too much sharpness with the vinegar (often a problem in mass produced Scotch Bonnet sauces) but instead the spices compliment the natural flavours perfectly.

This classic west indian style sauce has a delicious flavour and is excellent as a condiment with every meal, but especially good with grilled meat and fish.

Price: 5.99 for 5 fl oz bottle

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Susie's Original Hot Sauce - Ingredients/Contents

Ingredients: hot peppers, mustard, vinegar, spices

Size: 5 fl oz bottle

Heat Rating: Blazing

Maker: Susie's

Country of Origin: Caribbean

by ElPaco
Chunky, orange, and easy to pour (but does stay on your cheese sandwich). The taste is sweetish but with a complex depth, which is something I have rarely found before. The heat level is low enough for a non chili head to try a smaller amount, but to the rest still interesting if you\'re more generous with the spread. Even though this isn\'t a traditional vinegar hot sauce, I rarely touch bottles with tabasco, louisiana, cholula-sauce or their likes again.This is by far my absolute favorite vinegar based sauce...

by Adam Daniel
Like many others I picked up a taste for Susies when living in Antigua. On my infrequent trips back to the island I usually pick up a case of the large bottles to last me a couple of years until my next return to the island.The flavour of the sauce coupled with a beautiful glowing heat from the peppers is very well balanced. It is excellent on Cheese on toast (Thanks Reg for that tip), scrambled eggs, mix it in with rice to add a gentle heat and tang and no pizza slice is complete without a dip in the susies before eating...

by claire hotsaucelover
Susie's is addictive.OK with allsorts but ESPECIALLY GOOD with eggs any style for breakfast - that's what Sunday mornings are made for!Once in Antigua they had a bad chilli harvest and *nearly ran out* eek! but the Susie's gang drove to the airport to ensure we got our quota before boarding. If you try this you will be back for more and more...

by Charles Sandeman-Allen
As a man who has tried his share of hot sauces, Susie's is undoubtedly my favourite. It has a great taste, and a take no prisoners heat. I used to stock up on trips to Antigua, where it is widely available (and they know their hot sauces), but it is a relief to find that it is available in the UK, in case of an emergency shortage.Buy this, and you won't be disappointed...

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