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100% Pain Hot Sauce


What the bottle says...100% Natural.
Rated 100%.
There are several levels of pain. The pain levels are marked with the % of pain you experience. The higher the % the more pain and less flavor. Although there are chileheads that will argue that the more the pain the better the flavor. We will let you decide. Taste the pain.



What we say...
Yes we know - we don't understand what the blurb on the back of the bottle is all about either, clearly the writer was on some kind of Habanero high at the time. However this is one seriously hot natural sauce. Packed with Habanero's which means this also has a great roasted pepper taste, which if you like it hot will go great in a steak sandwich or on a barbecued sausage.

Price: 4.99 for 200ml bottle

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100% Pain Hot Sauce - Ingredients/Contents

Habanero peppers, water, tomato paste natural pepper flavouring, salt, spices

Size: 200ml bottle

Heat Rating: Scorchio!

Maker: Pain Is Good

Country of Origin: USA

by Steve
You know it's the proper stuff when you wonder if you've got a urinary infection when you piss fire but then realise it's this stuff working it's way through you in whatever way it can.Never before have I shit and pissed liquid fire. buy it...

by Lee
had about 1 teaspoon with a mild curry,(just on the side) tastes quite good certainly of chili and not lots of additives, but it is very strong, I will use it in a marinade next timereally nice BUT, i had a blocked nose and it cleared it in 4 seconds, then I had a bleeding noseHey so what will try again..

by Tom
This does what it says on the bottle. It\'s on another level completely!

by Adrian
This is THE best hot sauce I have found. I am always on the lookout for the hottest but nothing seems to hit the mark.This is really nice if you pour say 5 teaspoons into a bog standard Jalapeno / pepper sauce. It really fires it up and gives the lifeless jalapeno a kick up the backside. FANTASTIC with fish. ..

by ElPaco
In order of appearance, the taste unveils as - tomato & vinegar, pepper, salt, heat. Long lasting heat. There is no bland aftertaste, nothing artificial. But neither is there anything complex or balanced about it. It is very plain, and simple, without anything sticking out in a bad way. The essence of taste afterwards is tomato & pepper. The heat is very strong, but not super hot (ie Insanity sauce). It really is possible to use it, although in small amounts, directly on food.I think it is a very decent \"spice it-upper\", as an addition to other less strong, but more complex, sauces. But it really has its own show as a hot sauce, but it isn\'t a Phantom of the opera...

by Tom Kirk
My housemate bought a bit of this, and I can say that it's pretty great. I've had it on a few sandwiches and it provides a very decent amount of heat. Nothing insane, if you're a proper chilli-head, but a really good amount. It has a nice, full flavour which you can pick out through the others, with a distinct vinigary aftertaste. I love it.Where this stuff is really good though, is IN things. I put a good dollop in a Chilli I was making and it brought it to life instantly. I'd definitely recommend this...

by Lord Shapla
I bought a bottle of this sauce at a High St store. I saw there was a \"75% Pain\" bottle too, but I thought \"I\'ve eaten plenty of Madras in my time, I\'ve chuffed on Chilli Sauce regularly and found it tricky to find a sauce that challenges me... My search is now over.When I got home after buying the sauce, I decided to use it on my Onion Bhaji\'s straight away. I used a reasonably liberal quantity, regarding my previous experiences. I took a mouthful of my Bhaji and.... after 5 seconds of chewing, the agony began. Goodness me - it was as if someone had started welding my tongue to the roof of my mouth. I learnt a lesson very quickly, ONLY USE THIS SAUCE IN SMALL QUANTITIES UNLESS YOUR MOUTH IS MADE FROM ASBESTOS! The sauce is suited to certain foods far more, meats are much better with this sauce as opposed to Bhaji\'s and other foods with spices in them. \"Pain 100%\" is perfect on Steak, Burgers, Sausages etc, in small quantities until you get more used to the sheer power.... Enjoy the sauce, be careful with it, and good luck!!..

by Harry Krueger
I must agree with some of the reviews here: I tried this sauce as well and found it tasted overly artificial and unpleasant. The burn was very strong indeed, but it's not worth much if it's not accompanied by an enjoyable taste, which this sauce is sorely lacking unfortunately...

by Rafa Marquez
I disagree with the assertion that this tastes chemically, it tastes bold and habanero-y, a taste that warms at the inception and then spreads it Scoville-thrashing tendrils into the depths and crevices of your mouth. The 'Pain' moniker is a deserved title as my first sensation of other bodily effects was on urination some four hours later (which stung more than any venereal disease could). I, too, had the gut-gurgling effects, as aforementioned but this is is explained by of a number of things: sensitive gastro-intestinal tract; becoming accommodated to the spiciness; what else has been consumed during the day. I recommend the sauce as tasty and fiery...

by John Evans
I don't with some of the comments about the flavour, personally I think it's one of the few 'super hot' sauces that doesn't have the slight bitter taste that you so often get with extract based sauces. This may be becasue it isn't quite as hot as some of Daves or Blairs stuff, but it its textures great with chucks of habanero (and even the odd seed!) and proper habanero chili taste.My only comment is it is a very strong flavour so perhaps eating by the teaspoon is not such a good idea, but I just add it to stuff like curries, chillies and soups and it really does the trick...

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100% Pain Hot Sauce
100% Pain Hot Sauce


What the bottle says...100% Natural.
Rated 100%.
There are several levels of pain. The pain levels are marked with the % of pain you experience.... more
Price: 4.99

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