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Pain is Good - Batch #218 Louisiana Hot Sauce

What the bottle says...
Deep in the Bayou on the edge of the swamp, gators sun, crawfish boil and etouffee simmers. It was there Cajun hot sauce was born of cayenne and Tabasco peppers, where the term "cajun" meant French heritage and hot food. That heritage has transcended the past, that pushes through the portals of time to heat, to flavour and to Mardi Gras.


What we say...
Fantastic packaging, fantastic product. The Pain is Good range is a class act and we're big fans. Either a bottle on its own or a selection of a few make a brillant co-ordinated gift.

We're suckers for the Cajun flavours here at Scorchio, so don't leave it in your cupboard until you next rustle up a chowder or prawn gumbo - this stuff is great with everything and should be a permanent fixture come BBQ time.


Price: 5.99 for 210ml bottle

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Pain is Good - Batch #218 Louisiana Hot Sauce - Ingredients/Contents

Ingredients: malt vinegar, habanero and cayenne peppers, water, tomato paste, corn syrup fructose, distilled vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, spices, garlic, lime concentrate, brown sugar, seasoned salt, onion powder, liquid smoke

Size: 210ml bottle

Heat Rating: Fiery

Maker: Pain Is Good

Country of Origin: USA

by Kieren W
One of the better hot sauces I\'ve EVER tried. Part of me wishes this was a little hotter, only so it would last that bit longer as the flavour is so rich and complex it has me swigging from the bottle! Layers of flavour with the Worcester Sauce, Anchovies and smoke flavouring combining perfectly in the aftertaste. An earthy and mildly smokey flavour with a perfect consistency and minimal seeds in the sauce itself. Near perfect for a commercial sauce!..

by Ant Hope
I love this sauce and always have a bottle in the house. Not overly hot (I would give it five out of 10), but enough to know its there, but with bags of flavour - fantastic for BBQs, on Pizza, burgers, chips, etc etc. Very versatile and delicious...

by Hot Girl
Great heat, and a proper meaty hot sauce. Quite think consistency so great for dunking and dribbling over things. Works really well in conjunction with the Pain is Good Southern Style BBQ Sauce for those who want it a little hotter :)..

by Nicki Russell
According to my husband i'm a wimp when it comes to hot food, and i guess i am if comparing myself to him. To me this sauce is hot, but i just cant stop adding it to my food, i love it. Me and my husband 1st tried the Pain is Good range at the Good Food Show, i tasted all of the sauces(table 1's) apart from 100% pain 1 and all of them were packed full of flavour, the Jamaican 1 blew my head off but i could still taste the Jamaican influences coming through and this was the case for all that i tasted, although i cant handle too much heat i am glad really because a lot of chilli sauces and chilli foods are either bitter or masked in too much tomato flavouring and having previously worked as a chef i really do appreciate food and flavours, so anything that is too hot just doesn't do it for me as i cant taste the flavour of the food that i'm eating, and thats why i love this Louisiana sauce because it has the heat but also has so much flavour, it is a sauce that just always has to be in our fridge, the flavour over ways the heat even when my nose wont stop running!!!..

by John Fraser
I was surprised by how hot this was. I use it as a table sauce and it's as hot as I want or could enjoy in that regard. Overall a very nice sauce that can be used with anything. It's a great alternative to both ketchup and BBQ sauce...

by Anthony North
Only stumbled across this sauce when something else was out of stock. Stroke of good fortune because this is a great sauce which seems very versatile. Medium heat, it's got plenty of taste. The PIG website recommends using this sauce mixed with butter on corn on the cob - will definitely give that a go...

by David Hopkins
This is a great hot sauce. Great flavour and great consistency with a very decent heat level. Had a good splash of it on chicken and it was fantastic. Recommended...

by jacobus bickell
this is one of the best hot sauces out there. absolutely delicious, decent heat level, all i can really say about this sauce is if you truly love chili sauce you should always have at least a half bottle of this on hand at all times..

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