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Marie Sharp's Belizean Heat Pepper Sauce

What the bottle says...
Warning - Heat level XXXX. Must be strong to handle this sauce. You say you like it hot? Well here's the challenge that will prove it... or not. Specially blended for devoted heat seekers with great taste.

What we say...
We're proud to stock Marie Sharp's great sauces and her Belizean Heat hot sauce is one of her finest. Pure Habanero peppers are combined with carrots, lime juice and creole spices to produce a sauce that's great for flavouring soups, sauces and stir fries and even cooking rice, pasta and seafood.

Price: 4.99 for 148ml bottle

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Marie Sharp's Belizean Heat Pepper Sauce - Ingredients/Contents

Ingredients: Habanero pepper mash, capsicum oil, fresh carrots, onions, lime juice, tomato, creole spices, vinegar, garlic, salt

Size: 148ml bottle

Heat Rating: Blazing

Maker: Marie Sharp's

Country of Origin: Caribbean

by Gianluca Ivaldi
Heat isn't the 4/5 the bottle suggests - more like 3.5/5BUT, that is irrelevant when you taste it and realize that this is easily a top 5 (in terms of taste) Habanero sauce. Perfectly balanced lime carrot and hab, low salt, low vinegar content = a fruity, less sharp and very tasty sauce. Perfect for adding to Mexican or Carribean food - hard to find a pure habanero sauce better than this.One thing I'd like to have cleared up - I take it capsicum oil is an extract, but in this sauce it doesn't give a horrid taste, but merely adds a decent afterburn. Is it any different to oleoresin/chilli extract?..

by Love Ringsting
I've tried a few sauces from Scorchio but this one is by far the most tastiest, the heat is good but not too hot, I had some with fish & chips and had to go back for more as I couldn't stop dipping my food in it.I've had a lot hotter sauces than this but you won't be disappointed with the taste!..

by Giovanni Cuccato
I like this sauce so much, only one little thing: it is hot but it doesn't deserve 5 peppers...anyway, the taste is more than excellent!..

by Bigtan Chiliman
This is a must have in your regular supplies! Fresh tasting habs burst out with a lingering slow burn that chiliheads will use on almost anything from cheese on toast to tacos. Top tip- use in pizza sauces to bring your fav pizzas to life. Dont expect this sauce to be tame due to lack of extract its hot!! Use neat to kick bland food into another dimension :) buy more than 1 bottle cos you'll regret it if u dont. I use 1 a week..

by Will Palmer
Put simply this is the tastiest hot sauce on the PLANET! I brought back loads of bottles from a trip to Belize last year and have been craving Marie Sharpe’s since I ran out in October. A friend of mine returned from Belize with a bottle of the liquid gold...only for me to smash it a week later (devastating!!)Then I was recommended this website & it has truly saved my life! I love SCORCHIO... but not as much as I love my mistress...Miss Marie Sharpe x..

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