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Hot Chilli Sauces

Here is a description of Hot Sauces.
Extreme Sauces & Extracts

The hottest of the hot - these sauces all use chilli extract to boost the heat to dangerous levels - be warned!
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Naga/Ghost Sauces

With heat levels over double that of the Habanero, this chilli is used to make super hot all-natural sauces, but as well as the heat it also has a unique flavour which is just as addictive...
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Habanero Sauces

The Habanero is the hot Mexican chilli that has been the staple in hot sauce recipes for centuries. Absolutely packed with fresh, fruity flavour and heat too!
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Chipotle Sauces

Chipotles are actually red jalapenos that have been dried and smoked, and have a delicious rich, sweet, smoky flavour that is synonymous with Mexican cooking. Its also a fabulous chilli to use for hot sauces as the flavour of chipotle is quite frankly something you'd be happy to add to any food.
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Wing & BBQ Sauces

Essential for the barbeque season (or given the unreliability of British weather, indoor grilling), use any one of these gourmet BBQ sauces to enhance your favourite BBQ recipes, or alternatively choose one of our authentic Chicken Wing Sauces for a perfect American dining experience.
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Other Chilli Sauces

There are hundreds of Chilli varieties from all around the world, each with their own heat level and flavour. Some are common varieties and some are very rare, but if they've been made into a decent sauce - you'll find it here...
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