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Hot Headz Hot Chilli Mustard with Jalapeno & Serrano Chillies

What the jar says...
The perfect blend of mustard with Jalapeno and Serrano chilli pepper for a testure and flavour that's out of this world. Mustard lovers love this mustard!

What we say...
Top quality tangy mustard combined with chunks of jalapeno peppers are surely a match made in heaven - a seriously moreish mustard with a bit of a kick and bags of flavour. For those who have been on the hunt for the much missed Texas Pepper Works Jalapeno Mustard that we used to stock - this is very similar and just as delicious.

Price: 3.49 for 8 oz jar

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Hot Headz Hot Chilli Mustard with Jalapeno & Serrano Chillies - Ingredients/Contents

Ingredients: prepared mustard (62%) jalapeno and serrano chile peppers (30%) water, onion spices, garlic.

Size: 8 oz jar

Heat Rating: Spicy

Maker: Hot Headz

Country of Origin: USA

by Baron Von Easterneck
Oh, is this sauce amazing or what? I tastes like pickle sauce, a bit hot so it\'s not painful or only for chileheads. This could (and will!) go on everything : cheese, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, you name it.It\'ll take me about 2 weeks to finish.I\'m gonna have another taste right now!..

by delapaco
I like mustard. I like chili. This is a rather mild chili-mustard. The chiliheat is alright, with a tingling to fiery taste level, although I would have wished for more and longer lasting punch. The problem is the mustard itself, as it tastes unbalanced with a rather sharp taste of mustard seeds. Maybe it is because I am not used to American style mustard but nevertheless it does taste immature. I found that it tastes better mixed with a normal high quality mustard, but of course then heat is further diminished .. No I will continue my search for a nice chili mustard!..

by Gareth Jones
I'd been lamenting the disappearance of Texas Pepperworks' Jalapeno Mustard from Scorchio on many a teary night by the window - and then this arrived. Tasty, light and tangy, it lacks the full-on chunks of Jalapeno that the TPW Mustard had, but the flavour is almost identical - even slightly higher on the heat scale. Trust me, a jar of this won't last long -- even some of my heat-hating in-laws scoffed a good third of the jar with bangers and mash. On hot dogs it's divine, and it makes a scorching ham sandwich. If you're looking for a great mustard, look no further. Will have to try the Chipotle variation next...

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