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Grim Reaper The Evil One Hot Sauce

What the bottle says...
Deathly Hot Chilli Sauce - Award Winner 2010
Suggested Uses: With chicken or fish, Spice up your burgers, Condiment for your favourite dish. Fire up your stir frys

What we say...
Back in 2010 a mysterious figure emerged onto the chilli scene and scooped the top award at the National Amateur Chilli Awards. Judges were amazed by the consistency and flavour of this super-hot sauce names ‘The Evil One’ - but almost as mysteriously as he appeared, the shadowy figure calling himself the Grim Reaper’ vanished, taking his amazing creation with him .

Well, we couldn’t let all that talent go to waste so we went on a mission to track down The Grim Reaper and persuade him to make ‘The Evil One’ available to the masses. He’s not generally one for changing his mind but after signing away our souls we got him to recreate The Evil One.

A delicious combination of citrus flavours, a hint of sweetness and intense heat make this a sauce like no other and one that we are very proud to have got our hands on, even if the price was eternal damnation


Price: 4.99 for 100ml bottle

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Grim Reaper The Evil One Hot Sauce - Ingredients/Contents

Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet Chillies, orange capsicums, red capsicums, onions, cider vinegar, oranges, white wine vinegar, sugar, lemons, carrots, naga jolokia chillies, salt, citric acid, chilli oleoresin @ 6% Pure (1 million Scovilles)

Size: 100ml bottle

Heat Rating: Scorchio!

Maker: Grim Reaper Foods

Country of Origin: UK

by Robert Hill
Okay, the first thing you get is the hit of orange that comes through then after that a real kick of Chilli. Although not runny it is not thick either. This is sparklingly hot but very very tasty too. Whenever I get a new sauce I always take the same method. Pour the sauce onto a teaspoon, put it in my mouth. Swill it around my mouth then swallow. This is a joy.I like to have this sauce as a dip or a side or mixed into basmati rice to give some kick to it...

by dangermouse WEST HAM
AT LAST! A truly hot sauce with a wonderful flavour. I have been searching for such a taste for such a long time and was almost resigned to the fact that HEAT=NO FLAVOUR and of course that FLAVOUR=NO HEAT. I was worried that this \'sauce\' would be more like a DAVE\'S* and be all heat with a very sour/bitter taste, but no it was a delightful surprise slightly sweet citrus flavour combined with a heat that most people will be more than happy with. I love it and my only complaint is that at 100ml. this bottle will not last me too long!* i should add that I am a great admirer of DAVE\'S products but I see them more as a food additive than an actual sauce...

by Hot Girl
This is one hot but super tasty hot sauce! You don't need much of this one but the flavour is big and rich. Love it!..

by James Fowkes
The Evil One is currently one on my favourite sauces. Alongside the chilli kick you get a delicious combination of citrus flavours from the orange and a hint of sweetness with the heat making this a sauce like no other in my current colection. The sweet sticky consistency of this great hot sauce will stick to most things you want to cook adding bags of flavour to any dull dish without putting in too much heat to overcome other flavours. Beware though, a bottle this size and this tasty will not last you very long!..

by Martin Williamson
This has to be my favourite hot sauce, was first introduced to this about 8 months ago and it has gone into all of my chilli and pasta dishes since, the combination of heat and flavours is just superb. Highly recommended to anyone who likes to have that flavour and heat combo...

by Luigi Maletti
I received the Evil One a couple of days ago. ZING! Istant favorite!! Hot hot hot (a well deserved 5 chillies) but with plenty of flavour! The oranges in the recipe are a nice addition that well complement the other ingredients and give a citrus aftertaste. Even if it has the chilli oleoresin you cannot taste any synthetic (that alas is in many other products). I understand why it won a competition, try this one and you'll never go back!..

by Michael Brookes
I was bought this a present and it is one of the tastiest sauces I have tried. I am please to have been bought an all English product too. It is very tasty when mixed with mayo as a dip, or in a bacon sarnie, but just as condiment, a tad too hot. My only criticism is the size, 100mls won't last long!..

by Nathan Aldous
For me a good Chilli sauce isn't just about heat, it's about flavour and the Evil One delivers both by the bucket load! Brushed over chicken wings before baking this sauce first hit with its sweet flavours followed very shortly by an intense heat that at one point did make me question whether the Grim Reaper was in the room with me waiting... 10/10 for this one...

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