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Encona Original Hot Pepper Sauce

What the bottle says...
For over forty years, Encona Hot Pepper Sauce has been prepared in the Caribbean using only freshly picked Scotch Bonnet and Habanero peppers, combined with locally blended island spices. This, the original Caribbean hot pepper sauce, is equally delicious as a condiment with chicken, meat, fish and vegetables, or used to add a touch of tropical spice to every meal.

What we say...
A great value, great tasting Scotch Bonnet sauce, bursting with heat and flavour.

Price: 1.89 1.49 for 142ml bottle

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Encona Original Hot Pepper Sauce - Ingredients/Contents

Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet & Habanero peppers, spirit vinegar, onion, salt, corn starch, spices

Size: 142ml bottle

Heat Rating: Fiery

Maker: Encona

Country of Origin: Caribbean

by Dangermouse WESTHAM
This sauce is like your best friend\'s little sister. You just have to like this sauce! Although I first tried it many years ago, I have never written a review (until now). This was the sauce that first introduced me to Hot Sauces,and YES it does taste a little vinegary, and YES there are a lot hotter( but more expensive) sauces available, but as a reasonably priced standard hot sauce, you cannot go wrong with the Original Encona Hot Pepper Sauce. It\'s a darling!..

by veter uds
I used to almost live off this sauce when I was little because it was the hottest thing I could get in supermarkets. It does have a distinctive flavour- very scotch bonnet but also far too much salt and vinegar for me. I still keep some in my collection but I've got similarly hot sauces that contain fewer preservative ingredients and in my opinion taste better. still a classic though, mixing a good couple of dollops of this into batchelors supanoodles bacon flavour is a guilty pleasure of mine...

by rick pearson
WARNING!!! this hot sauce is highly addictive, you may find yourself experimenting with all aspects of your diet in particular the blander side.Goes great with wraps, chicken wings, even vegetarian Qusine can become palatable with this flavour giving condiment. You may find your self craving the sting that original encona has to offer, but its not just fire in a bottle its also as versatile as salt. Next time you make a soup or an omlette or anything you might look for a flavour enhancer or (pep) ditch the salt and use a few drops of this bad boy.It can be pleasant or it can be painfull you decide...

by Stephen Mason

by David Yelland
Everyone like a bit of Encona. If you are buying from shops in the UK where not much is available it is a nice alternative to Cholula. I prefer Cholula, but Encona is a fruity, sharp taste as opposed to the deep smoky taste of Cholula. It's obviously not a fraction as hot as some of the sauces on offer here at Scorchio but it is very tasty and a good beginner sauce. Personally I think it goes great with good ol' British fish and chips from the chip shop!!..

by Adam Johnson
I've ate Nandos extra hot and xx hot sauce before which brought a bit of a sweat on but was enjoyable. This sauce is pretty darn hot!. I am surprised to see it has 3/5 and am looking for a sauce hotter than this that does'nt have the "add to soups and sauces" advice.I would say this is at least as hot as Nandos X hot sauce, if not XX hot depending on batch. Very nice on chicken in small doses and has a nice burn if you breathe through your mouth!...

by sauce bloke
This was my first introduction into hot sauces (apart from red tobasco which is too watery to be used as a dipping sauce) and soon after I started eating it I became addicted to it! It is fiery enough for the beginnner but tasty enough for the more hardened enthusiast to maintain its interest while you develop your taste for hot sauces. I have heard real hot chilli professionals say it is a little too vinegary, but I love this element, its very addictive and the more you eat, the more you want until you are dreaming about it at night and considering having it on your cornflakes! Great value too and available everywhere...

by Liam Richardson
Unreal, This has got to be the best sauce you can buy, small drizzle on chicken and cheese wraps with a creamy garlic really sends you taste buds wild. This sauce however is not for the faint hearted. In my house this is known as mans sauce... Its not for girls...

by rich jones
I love this sauce! It is a fantastic sauce for adding while your cooking, I use it in soups, stews and a variety of other dishes. It works well with many different types of food and it can turn even bland meals into something a bit more interesting in fact by adding a dash to your favorite chutney or relish for example you can give your other sauces a fiery kick. As the name suggests it is hot, but not so hot that it is not enjoyable, it's just right and easily worth the money...

by S J West
I must say this stuff is excellent for a commercially available hot sauce. It has a very rich flavour that really needs to be explored in food to be fully appreciated. By this I mean add it to a soup or sauce and then you will really appreciate the flavour. On its own, the sauce is a little vinegary at first, but then builds to quite a sweet after taste. The heat is very middle of the tongue sort of stuff, and is very agreeable with most dishes with a lot of pep to it, but without the long after burn of a really hot sauce...

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