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Dried Naga Bhut Jolokia Chillies - 25g

Scoville Rating: Over 800,000 - 1100,000

The Naga Jolokia is only found naturally in the army garrison town of Tezpur, in the north-eastern state of Assam, India. One of the hottest chillies in the world, it's even used in a paste to cure infections! We prefer to cook with it though, and it's great in sauces and relishes.

This spicy gem shot to fame in 2006 when a variety of Naga grown in Dorset measured 923,000 on the Scovile scale, making it by far and away the hottest chilli in the world at the time. Ours come from India and although there's no denying these are a hell of a spicy pepper, what surprised us was the exquisite fruity aroma.

If you want to create the hottest authentic curry you've ever tasted then you need these.

Price: 3.79 for 25g Bag

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Dried Naga Bhut Jolokia Chillies - 25g - Ingredients/Contents
Dried Naga Bhut Jolokia Chillies

Size: 25g Bag

Heat Rating: Scorchio!

Maker: Pleasure & Pain

Country of Origin: Rest of the World

by Bruno
Hmmmm.... eating a whole chilli straight out the packet, not a good idea... :-) amazing heat though, looking forward to cooking with them. ..

by Andy Sendall
impressive! very tasty and fruity and if used properly the 'dryness' taste vanishes, i have found the best way to utilise these bad boys is to grate over a pan of whatever your cooking up, then stir in as opposed to rehydrating or chopping. Just one of these is enough to adequatly spice up a pan of chili con carne brilliantly. Another great purchase from the Pleasure & Pain range and combine with the pure pain naga paste, two of the finest products i have purchased from Scorchio...

by Bill Smith
Hmmm! soaked these and cooked with them dry but still haven't lived up to expectation. My home grow habeneros burn better. have to put two in next time...

by Sam Matanle
I was going to write a review, but this is more explanatory - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q-OGRF2YmM..

by Mr. Longshot
I am actually a bit disappointed with mine. I can handle my chilli, but not to any extreme extent. Just to see what they were made of I soaked one until soft and ate the whole thing. Sure it was hot but absolutely not mental hot in any way. I get the same reaction from the Thai chillies I buy from my nearest grocery store. One Naga per person in a curry makes my nose run a little, but nothing more. Nice flavor but not the intense heat I had expected. The Naga paste however is something else. That one truly lives up to the hype...

by allan jones
JOHNNY CASH INDEED......... take with caution if u can do the 5 min burn then boosh these are BANG TIDY..

by ashley jones
Fuck me these little beauties just blew my bulb off. I'm from Pill in Newport and boy do we know our chillies. My tongue is like a blast furnace and my ring is literally johnny cashing...

by John Kerr
I bought these to put in some apple chutney to spice it up. I have not been disappointed! I used 16oz of "very hot" (some scotch bonnets) supermarket chillies in my last batch, but my 6 year old daughter still found it palatable. I put the whole pack of dried Naga Jolokia Chillies into my batch at the weekend, despite chastisement from my wife. I soaked them in warm water before roughly chopping them up, and dropping them in (I also added the soaking water). I tried a small bit on a teaspoon and I have finally got the effect I desired! Beautifully hot and tasty! My daughters wanted to try some so I let them (a teeny small dip of the finger). They went red in the face and demanded water! Note, there were no unpleasant chilli fumes while cooking...

by Mr India
This s**t is powerful. Not in a nice way though, cooking with dried chillies is madness. Its a horrible sensation that lasts 24 hours - I was farting all day after eating a curry with this stuff in it, and had heartburn too - its a different burn to fresh chilli and not recommended. Im Indian and when I told my mum to chuck a couple of these bad boys in the curry she was not happy - dried chillies are not good for you and give you a dry burn that doesnt even taste nice when eating it, but gives you a horrid burning sensation in the pit of your stomach for 24hrs after ingesting. THIS IS NOT A SLIGHT ON THE QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT - rather a warning to not cook with dried chillies of any kind - its not a good look. I will be using the rest of these c*nts for chilli sauce, and using the NAGA paste for cooking - which might I add is amazing...

by Johnny Cullen
These lovely little beggars are perfect for grinding to make the best chilli powder you will ever have. Do them in a spice mill or even better your Mother-in-law's coffee bean grinder. Add doses using the small end of s teaspoon as it's potent, about a little fingernail's worth is good for turning a plain curry into a madras. Leave the seeds in or out - if you can separate the seeds, they are easy to grow next wear for your own everlasting supply of bum-warming loveliness..

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