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Mustards, Salsas & More

Jams & Relishes

From English Chilli Jellies to African Relishes, with everything in between.
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The heady blend of nose tingling mustard and fiery chilli is a match made in heaven. Whether a spicy mustard or mustard infused Bajan style sauce - these condiments are just perfect with anything from the grill.
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Sizzling Salsas

Salsas are so much more than something to dip your chip in. Mexicans define a salsa as a sauce, and all sauces as salsas - there are no hard and fast rules, as long as the flavours are good together. Salsas are low on fat and big on flavour making them a great condiment to accompany other foods. Tomato-based salsas can be used in cooking to pep up an ordinary tomato sauce. Chunkier vegetable salsas are great warmed as a vegetable side dish or used as a sandwich spread. Lighter salsas can also make a good salad dressing. Be adventurous. We've brought together a diverse collection of salsas, all with one thing in common - they taste incredible.
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