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Dave's Gourmet Total Insanity Sauce

What the bottle says...
An insanely hot sauce with a garlic lime flavor that makes a delicious addition to your soups, sauces and side dishes. Enjoy! WARNING: use this product one drop at a time. Keep away from eyes, pets and children. Not for people with heart/respiratory problems.

What we say...
Dave is the grandaddy of super hot sauces, and this is a neat twist on the original Insanity Sauce, with just the right sharp hit of lime and garlic before the heat kicks in.

Price: 4.99 for 142g bottle

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Dave's Gourmet Total Insanity Sauce - Ingredients/Contents

Ingredients: red chillies, vinegar, hot pepper extract, lime juice, tomato paste, blackberry wine, spices, citric acid, onions, garlic, ascorbic acid, xanthan gum

Size: 142g bottle

Heat Rating: Scorchio!

Maker: Dave's Gourmet

Country of Origin: Costa Rica

by Denis V...
Sorry Moo, but this can be added to food directly, just not by beginners. ;0)Great sauce but not for the novices, who might think they've eaten smoldering embers. Sustained and powerful heat does not let up. Flavourwise a nice twist on Dave's original Insanity sauce, but not as falvourful as Blairs. I prefer his more neutral sauces, as they work great as a less flavourful, but therefore more versatile utility sauce which will go with a very wide range of foods...

by Moo Tiger
Hot Sauce indeed. The Chili Extract really gives it some fire.. Has a slightly odd burnt garlic taste to it which makes a unique flavor in the hot sauce range.Best used as an ingredient though, as when added directly onto food can over power the taste of what your eating...

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