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Dave's Gourmet Insanity Sauce

What the bottle says...
The original hottest sauce in the universe! A great cooking ingredient for sauces, soups and stews. Also, strips waxed floors and removes driveway grease stains. Enjoy! WARNING: use this product one drop at a time. Keep away from eyes, pets and children. Not for people with heart/respiratory problems.

What we say...
The grandaddy of super hot sauces, often imitated, rarely bettered. Heed the warnings on the label and use sparingly for an instant hit of nature's napalm.

Price: 4.99 for 142g bottle

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Dave's Gourmet Insanity Sauce - Ingredients/Contents

Ingredients: tomato sauce, onions, hot pepper extract, hot peppers, vinegar, spices, soy oil, garlic, salt

Size: 142g bottle

Heat Rating: Scorchio!

Maker: Dave's Gourmet

Country of Origin: Costa Rica

by karenhix
My step daughter gave me a bottle of this for Christmas knowing I am addicted to chilli. It is the only chili product that has ever floored me! I had not eaten all day and my partner told me to try it out before he put it in the stir fry to see if he could take it as he is a bit of a wuss compared to me! I dipped my little finger into the top of the bottle and although it had a lovely flavour the heat was intense and I told him it was too hot for him. Minutes later it hit my empty gut and my partner found me doubled over on the lounge floor with what I can only describe as gut burn! As expected no sympathy was forthcoming and I got nothing but derision, serves me right for calling him a wuss! I must say the burn didnt last long and once I had eaten a bit of his stir fry the feeling passed and I went on to enjoy a little bit mixed in with the cooked food. Have been using it ever since but have learnt my lesson not to take it neat on an empty tum!..

by dangermouse WEST HAM
this is HOT! Very, very hot. it tastes of nothing other than heat. There is no flavour other than the bitter taste of the chilli oil, but used as a food additive it will make a wonderful chilli con carne or bolognese, or my particular favourite \'fondue el fuegro\'..

by John Fraser
Put this in you bolognese. It takes it to another level. Excellent.

by caz chisholm
this is wicked...top notch .....does exactly what it says on label....should have a health warning for the frail and infirm!!!! try it with a bovril cube and water and big dollop...ace...

by Dominik Slowikowski
DO NOT MESS WITH IT. I tried a tiny drop on some cheese and even then, while not enough to make me scream in pain, it\'s a lot worse than the burn from a curry. Even my teeth hurt! i recommend using it a small bit at a time...

by Iain Greasley
Very hot, not at all subtle. Just tastes like lots of cayenne with no other flavours apparent

by Delapaco
Very nice and insanely strong sauce! Bought just for fun, as it is a legend. Did a tea spoon test, which surprised me. First you will taste a very pleast sauce, complex, without any harsh additions. Then slowly the strength of chili builds up, and when you take your first breath a very strong and pleasant sting kicks in. After a few minutes it peaks and is almost unbearable. At five minutes I gave up and rank milk for the next 20minutes. As addition to stews and such it cannot of course give enough taste unless killing your guests, but a very interesting background sense of chili sting! Highly recommended...

by Denis V...
Dave's got me into hot sauces and I still have a soft spot for them. However, whilst powerful and with an aggressive bite, and longer afterburn, these sauces have a simpler, slightly artificial taste which whilst great as a utility sauce, is not quite as complex and satisfying as say Blair's or Pete's. Good stuff thought and, if you're new to hot sauces, this will beat down on your mouth and a55...

by Alex Jones
Finally got my hands on a bottle of this. Its super hot reputation isnt a surprise really. A very quick burn (doesnt take time to hit just BANG!) which gives little time to fully enjoy the taste. Its a nice taste , lots of habs maybe? Put a big ol dollop on a bagel and did slightly regret as it really does pack some burn. Nice enough sauce, not quite as tasty as some of Blairs bests but still an enjoyable buy!..

by Martin McConnell
Very hot on its own, not reccomened unless you can handle it (not a challange, lol). You can mix it into sauces and it adds a nice heat and a pretty tasty overall flavour as well. I have become hooked on putting this in beans and tinned spagetti (bbq sauce or a squeeze of lime go well alongside this too) on a baked potato with cheese, or on toast.Haven't tried it in fresh chilli yet, but it was a great addition to tinned chilli and I imagine would be great in a proper one...

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