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CaJohn's Z Nothing Beyond

What the bottle says...
CONTAINS 4 MILLION SHU. Extremely Hot! Use as a food supplement only, one drop at a time. Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas. Use responsibly. Keep away from children.

What we say...
Another belter of a sauce from US super-hot giant Cajohn. This is a real fruity number, light consistency but with an extreme afterburn. It takes alot of skill to create a good depth of flavour in a sauce this hot but Cajohn has done it again with Z which picked up a Golden Chile Award in 2004 for best extract based sauce.

Price: 6.99 for 148ml bottle

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CaJohn's Z Nothing Beyond - Ingredients/Contents

Ingredients: vinegar, habanero peppers, pepper extract, tomatoes, mustard, papaya, guava, pineapple, banana, water, sugar, passion fruit juice, guava juice.

Size: 148ml bottle

Heat Rating: Scorchio!

Maker: CaJohn

Country of Origin: USA

by veter uds
Id kind of been neglecting this sauce, its been relegated to spicing up curries and other dishes in my kitchen and yet its so tasty! when i first got it id bought some of chilli pepper petes dragon slayer at the same time and found that better for dipping. now that the dragon slayers been long finished i had been using daves ghost pepper sauce, but I'm sat here dipping pizza in both to compare and I think the Z wins- as much for the fruitiness from the tropical fruit in the sauce as for the heat. I'll definatly be re-ordering this one..

by Alexander Aursland
Hmmm... well this sauce is hot indeed, but 4 mill? If Blair's ultra hot sauce is really 1.1 mill, this is about 500 000. I got disappointed that it didn't hit me more than it actually did. I can easily take 4-5 drops of this one without tears and ring sting. Blair's ultra death sauce on the other hand...The sauce is indeed a nice one and I use it to make dips to tortillas and some drops in different soups and sauces. Nice price too ;)...

by Denis V...
Yes this is like one of those memorable mistakes you make in a bar at 3am. She's gorgeous looking, and smells great. You know she's hot, but you take her home nonetheless. Things start playfully - very hot and fruity. But then, just as you think you're enjoying the intense heat, it starts getting more intense: what started out as a little pain builds and builds into pure sado-masochistic torture as the playful slappings turn into a real beating.....Yep, this is one hell of a sauce. It's fresh habanero pods come through as a beautiful foil to the dominant banana/guavabase, which make this sauce so brilliant tasting. Yep, this goes with a lot of things: even tried it on a Chicken Donner and it managed to make it taste sublime.The initial heat is intense, but seemingly nothing out of the ordinary (think Blairs Death Sauce). But the fruity base beguiles you into taking more. Then comes the sucker punch.Like a slo-mo of a nuclear detonation, the heat just keeps building a building until your tongue and lips go beyond pain into shutdown. You can feel this stuff go through you like a Three-Mile Island meltdown. After an hour with some milk, things begin to approach normal. Then the assault begins again, this time on your ass. My god, even peeing burns!This is a fearsome sauce that takes no prisoners. And I think this may be my new favourite (even if she is an extreme dominatrix).Be very careful with this one. It does exactly what it says on the side of the bottle: "It won't kill you, but you'll wish it did"...

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