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CaJohn's Frostbite Hot Sauce

What the bottle says...
Nothing Frosty here! Extremely Hot!

What we say...
This sauce is so cool its burns! The world's first white hot sauce. Use it in drinks - add heat to your cocktails without changing the flavour or colour. It makes a fantastic "hot" martini, add fire to a margarita, or heat up your frosty cold beer! Made with 500,000 shu extract so expect a mega burst of heat.

Price: 6.49 for 5oz

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CaJohn's Frostbite Hot Sauce - Ingredients/Contents

Ingredients: vinegar, water, salt Aquaresin of Capsicum

Size: 5oz

Heat Rating: Blazing

Maker: CaJohn

Country of Origin: USA

Got this to experiment with as I was curious. The bottle has a droplet insert fitted so you can add a small drop at a time. Just as well as you only need a tiny amount to have an effect. A bottle of this stuff should last quite some time.It's has a watery white appearence and you can see small crystals floating in it. You need to shake the bottle before use. It dissapears in any drink except for maby the odd crystal floating on top.Tried it in lager, tasted absolutely fowl. Then tried it in different shots, this is where this stuff really comes into it's own. The flavour it adds is very subtle. you can only get a taste in neet vodka. The heat it adds it wonderfull. I would say in a typical 50ml shot; for someone who only likes things a little bit spicy you only need 1-3 drops. 4-5 if you like heat. Any more then then it becomes too hot and will develop into bravardo and overwhelm the drink. The effect is great, first you taste your drink, then within a couple of seconds you get a comfortable heat in your mouth. If you build up to the right number of drops for your taste it complements the taste of a drink wonderfully leaving a fantastic tingling sensation on the lips (makes kissing fun straight afterwards and is probably the best excuse for trying this stuff)Goes well with flavoured shots. things like Sourz. Dr pepper (as in the cocktail not soft drink) you need to at least double the drops due to the volume but it goes so well.Another great use is mixed with a soft drink like lemonade or cola. that way your getting that bit extra in your drink as if you were drinking alcohol. So if your the goosberry who's driving or on medication, you don't feel so out of the group if on a night out with your mates yet you stay sober.I'ld recomend any pub to have this stuff behind the bar as a "Something extra option" Although I would recomend perhaps writting on the bottle about my 1-3 drops and 4-5 drops comment earlyer so your punters get the proper enjoyment.Also because its almost invisible on most things it's handy as a trap for any one pinching your food/drink/fruit/sweets etc..

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