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Da' Bomb Ground Zero

What the bottle says...
This sauce is the hottest on earth! Pure habanero pepper enhanced with habanero flavor to create a sauce measured at 234,000 Scoville units. Wicked beyond belief!

What we say...
Seriously - this is really hot. One of the hottest sauces we currently stock here at Scorchio and be warned this can cause damage in the wrong hands - use sparingly unless you don't need to do anying important for a few days.

Price: 8.99 for 4oz bottle

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Da' Bomb Ground Zero - Ingredients/Contents

Ingredients: pineapple juice, habaneros, tomato paste, water, natural pepper flavouring, lemon and lime juices and spices

Size: 4oz bottle

Heat Rating: Scorchio!

Maker: Da'Bomb

Country of Origin: USA

by Sluj
This is epic, it got over 6 people in the medical room at my school.

by Lewis
We had a guy at work who was daring people to try this. I tried a little bit on my finger, my eyes watered and I then rubbed the area around my eye with the same hand, despite it being gone from my hand; This lead to me looking like I\'d been punched in the eye, felt much like carpet burn.Horrible stuff. I suffered today...

by Dobin
This sauce is amazing, yes it is mega hot and I would say it is the most hottest sauce I\'ve ever had so far but is tastes amazing too and complement almost any dish!!!This is a must buy!!!..

by Ed
Seriously if you suffer from asthma DO NOT TRY THIS .I tried a tiny drop on the end of my finger , A amount you could not see it was that small. my mouth went on fire red faced throat tightened and i found it hard to breath till i took my inhalers ,Also i suggest you wash your hands before taking a pee cus boy this burns your nuts something chronic for about a hour after. ..

by C J
I have just brought my second bottle of this as it is so nice. Whilst I do like hot food I am in no way a \'Chillihead\' or anything like that and I absolutely cannot take this sauce neat but it can easily be added to a chilli con carne to really (and I mean really) give it a kick. I use literally half a teaspoon in a whole large saucepan of chilli and can almost not eat it. However once you get used to the incredible heat it impacts to the food then it actually adds a lovely deep smokey flavour behind. But beware, DO NOT mess around with this is it will bite back... I can only imagine the people who eat it raw... \"Good luck to em\".....

by Alex Watts
A friend and i had a tiny bit of this sauce at the dean (chichester) chili festival this year. We were in a lot of pain and the only way to breathe was to frequently refresh the water in our mouths (seriously went through about 5 bottles of water) half an hour of sheer pain. please people don't be stupid with this one or you will be considering suicide, theres no going back once you've had it. like the pill in the matrix lol...

by Joe Codling
Having a small amount of this on a cracker at the lakes chili fest made me have a minor episode.. I witnessed a guy before me take a HUGE amount... poor man, we can only wonder what happened to him...

by Mark Hill
Well... I ordered Blair's ultra death 20/20 edition and my mate at work ordered this. Now I know the SHU rating is way higher with the ultra death but I could stand a 3rd of a teaspoon of ultra death, the same ammount of this and it blew my mind and gave me a real stomach ache, SO...... HOT! Have to say, when I finally came down from planet blow my head off, I felt rather relaxed, absolutely superb :)...

by Micky R5112
First of all the service from Scorchio was fantastic, got an e-mail to say my sauces had been shipped and the very next day they had arrived. Secondly, Da Bomb really is Da Bomb, fantastic stuff. I really thought i would never speak again after trying about a pin head of this stuff. Amazing!..

by bri the briski
daves insanity sauce..a puppy compared to this inferno......i like seriously hot sauces but this must be on the borderline of what you would call a sauce/additive..............this is definately an additive as one drop...no seriously..one drop is inferno.its ok being brave and saying that it was ok after a drop but this could and may possibly do internal damage...who knows..

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