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Blair's Ultra Death Sauce

What the bottle says...
One taste and you will know this Jersey boy was here! If you have an instiable need for heat or are one that lives for excess...Here I come. This Sauce is the real deal. So shut the 'F' up and pour me out! Love ya.

Dear Chilipal, since 1989, it has been my passion to create food that makes people smile... to spread my sauces and snacks around the globe, one chilihead at a time. To watch your eyes light up, put a smile on your face and most of all make you Feel Alive!! I am fun in a botle for you to enjoy. To you I say a sincere thank you, and welcome to my wonderful worls of spice. Know who you are and Feel Alive! Your Chilipal, Blair.

Suggested Uses: Be warned, this sauce contains ingredients 800 times hotter than a jalapeno chile. Use sparingly. Ultra Death should not be consumed without dilution.

What we say...
Blair has come up with a replacement for his legendary (but sadly now discontinued) Jersey Death which, dare we say it, is even hotter with even more fantastic chilli flavours. By mixing a whole bunch of famously hot peppers together with some select spices and a squeeze of lime Blair has created another awad winning sauce which is possibly the best tasting super hot sauce out there...

Price: 10.95 for 150ml bottle

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Blair's Ultra Death Sauce - Ingredients/Contents

Ingredients: Red Habanero Pods, Naga Jolokia, Cayenne Chillies, white vinegar, natural pepper flavor, tomato pure, pirri-pirri chillies, lime juice, salt, spices

Size: 150ml bottle

Heat Rating: Scorchio!

Maker: Blair's

Country of Origin: USA

by Liliane
Most. Amazing. Sauce. EVER!I love it. I use it for so many things. I mix it into soups, I spice up otherwise bland, boring sauces. Put a drop of it in your gravy to spice up your meats with it. (frying with it will cause most of the heat to disappear, but it\'s still amazing!)So glad to see it\'s back on the site again...

by Dave van der Wiel
This sauce is just amazing, to say the least. I got my introduction to Ultra Death about a year ago, and I still love it today. I finally got to order a bottle of my own. Needless to say, I\'ll buy more when I can and need it, but this bottle will last me for now. Here\'s to hoping there will be a special reserve coming out soon.Keep on making these amazingly tasty, and incredibly hot sauces, Blair\'s...

by Michael Ives
Not a bad sauce and it is great in curries and BBQ dips or as a marinade. I make far hotter and tastier stuff than this myself and I daresay many others do as well, but I suppose it is what you can legally sell without killing someone.Love the coffin box presentation though - classic...

by Andy Sendall
One of the finest sauces to have ever graced my vast and varied collection, and one you will lovingly go back to time after time. It's just brilliant - start off slowly with a drop or two in pans of what ever food you are cooking, then in no time you'll be cherishing the flavour, heat and wanting to go back for more! i will say be warned it's hot stuff but definitely one to try if you know your climbing up the scoville list, this particular sauce is the first i purchased on Scorchio and it lasted me about a year, which for me is an achievement! go on feel alive and tame this beast!..

by Marco Trevisan
chili: does it really matter?heat: evilserving: one dropviscosity: bloodcoarseness: fineThis sauce is dangerous. You WAY DON'T WANT to eat it straight out of the bottle. You must carefully take a few drops and mix it in your food. You always need to be on your toes with this, because a miscalculation and your food becomes so hot that it's disgusting - and trust me, you are going to throw it away. When the serving size is one drop, it's not really a matter of what flavor it has as much as what smell it has. Let's just say that the smell is not exciting. Anyway when used properly this is a great sauce to get kicked in the nuts. A bit embarrassing when I used this at McDonalds and a lady nearby asked if she could have some on her burger. What would you do? That is what I call a lose-lose situation...

by George Polack
When my daughter tasted it for the first time she was getting mad. She added to her soup one teaspoon of Ultra Death Sauce. It was a bit more that she could survive :) Since this time we use that sauce very carefully - by drops. I offered to taste of it my friends - one woman from Hungary who really likes to eat very spicy foods tried to swallow one teaspoon of sauce - yes she is speaking with me already again. Or another friend who likes to eat normal chilli by spoons - he had a big problem to start to speak for a long time - maybe 10 or 15minutes. He said - it was a hottest bomb which he tasted ever.Literally it costs every penny what I paid for. I am really satisfied and I will return here when the sauce will be spend...

by Denis V...
My second Blairs sauce and it confirms that this guy knows his stuff. No initial delay/stealth, but an immediate intense fire, married to a wonderful rich and slightly fruity (but not sweet) flavour. Sustained afterburn is intense. Again, novices need not apply, but for the confirmed chillihead, another great versatile sauce that will work well with burgers, barbeque meats, dogs, pizza and mexican foods without masking their flavour...

by Sir Chillihead
This is a delightfully firey concoction that has been perfected by the good people at Blair's. The initial fire gives way to a flavoursome warmth that compliments the endorphins you'll have swimming around your body! This is almost about as hot as I like to go before diluting a sauce although I do like to add it to my chicken & noodle sauce. It also works well in a pizza base sauce. As with any Blair's sauce, you're tastebuds will thank you for the fantastic chilli flavours you give them...

by Anthony Whiting
I have literally just recieved this in the post and had to try it straight the way.This is the first Naga based hot sauce I have ever tried and I can safely say I am converted.The sauce is initially sweet with an incredible fire sensation about 4 seconds later that warms the mouth for a good length of time.Give this sauce respect otherwise it will come round to bit you in the ass.Well done Blair's for making a truly hot 'hot' sauce..

by Dragon Blaze
It's very tasty and spices up the bland canteen food at work to no end. It also makes one hell of a Bloody Mary, just one drop is enough per glass. This sauce is obviously not for beginners, as the poor sod who took a sip of my Bloody Mary learned the very hard way. It took him about a minute of two before he was able to speak again...

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