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Blair's Pure Death Sauce

What the bottle says...
Suggested uses: wings, clams, oysters, crawfish, bloody marys, jambalaya or anything you desire! Contains absolutely no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Made with great karma.

What we say...
Blair is a legend in the world of hot sauces. A Chilli obsessive, he is passionate about his hand made sauces and uses only the finest ingredients. To quote the man himself 'It is not a job. It is not a business. It is my life'.

Blair has taken time out from his most recent phenomenon - an anti-aging cream made from chilli extract (I'm not joking!) to produce this fantastic new sauce. Packed with all natural heat from the new Chilli heavyweight - the Naga Jolokia, this sauce has a great fresh flavour that will give absolutely anything that unique Blair's kick,

Price: 4.99 for 150ml bottle

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Blair's Pure Death Sauce - Ingredients/Contents
Ingredients: Habanero chilli pods, Naga Jolokia, Vinegar, Hawiain red salt.

Size: 150ml bottle

Heat Rating: Fiery

Maker: Blair's

Country of Origin: USA

by Jon Mc.
Very tasty sauce, but not an extreme sauce at all, very mild in fact.

by Dave A.
Seriously good sauce, probably my favourite in the Blairs line. Simple, straightforward and smokin' hot. Taking a teaspoon of it neat will bring on a nice fruity flavour of the habs and nagas, then comes the even burn that's not too intense for a seasoned chilli head. I did offer a friend of mine a try who's only real experience with hot sauce is in nandos and christ- he was on FIRE. So it guess it all depends on your own level of chilli obsession. It's also great to see a sauce that's hot because of fresh ingredients not nasty extracts. What I love doing is sticking a dollop in some mayo for a spicy, fruity smooth sandwich filler. Delicious!..

by Szilard Goor
Great flavors and aroma, with a little bit sour. This is my first "very hot" sauce, I used a Mc Ilhenny Co. Tabasco Pepper Sauce before (my hot scale: 4/10). I'm a little dissapointed, 'cause the Blair's Pure Death Sauce not enough hot for me (my hot scale 5/10).But this is a great sauce! :)..

by Ben Chandley
It's strange that this has the same heat rating as Ultra Death, as this one is nowhere near as hot. Sauces like Ultra Death I find I can only dilute in soups and stews. Used neat it would just hurt too much!This on the other hand has to be my ultimate favourite of the Blairs range! It's very hot, but plenty mild enough to splash onto a pizza without it being painful. It has a really nice texture, that's almost like pureed peppers. It also has an immense flavour that's full of fruit.It also has a lovely salty flavour, strong but not sickeningly salty (I never add salt to anything). I assume that this would be the marvel of red Hawaiian salt!Recommended for everyone who likes the balance of flavour and heat...

by Sir Chillihead
A Blair masterpiece for me. It's simplicity in a bottle: Orange Habeneros and Naga and little more. It's fresh, extremely delicious and one of my prefered pizza accompaniments. I try not to run out of this sauce as I miss it when it's gone. I tend to keep around 12-15 bottles of various sauces at any one time and this one should always be part of my collection...

by Alex Jones
A very tasty sauce! Very runny, goes with near enough anything (works great with chips). Nice shreds of chilli in there and lots of seeds. Not very hot though i would give this a 3/5 compared to Scorchios 5 ( Pain Is Good Jamacian Style is significantly hotter). Would highly recommend due to its taste. Lovely stuff...

by carl long
Not overwhelming spicy but has a decent kick, tastes great though especially as a dip with something like nachos..

by Jim Sandy
This is possibly my favourite day to day sauce. A lovely flavour of Orange Habeneros and Nagas together with nothing else to interfere! Good on everything! Try this sauce!..

by David Hopkins
Another excellent sauce from Blair.This sauce is excellent with all foods. We have just eaten a full bottle with our BBQ and it complemented sausages, burgers and chicken perfectly. It has a good level of heat and a truly excellent flavour. Highly recommended. Buy this sauce - you will not be disappointed...

by Luca Mautone
The first trial of my order! very tasty and genuine! not as hot as you think, but eatable!

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