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Blair's Mega Death Sauce


What the bottle says...



Feel Alive! Suggested Uses: Be warned this sauce contains ingredients 500 times hotter than a jalapeno chile. Use sparingly. Not recommended for use without dilution. Made with great karma

What we say...
Blair produces some of the best hot sauces around. We're big fans of his Original Death Sauce so when we heard about this one we just had to get our hands on it. This is a seriously hot sauce with a depth of flavour few sauces can rival. Used sparingly, it's a great addition to many dishes and recipes, and it's also great when included in marinades and dips.

Price: 8.99 for 150ml bottle

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Blair's Mega Death Sauce - Ingredients/Contents

Ingredients: Red Habanero Pods, Cayenne Chilles, White Vinegar, Natural Pepper Flavour (contains Soybean Oil), Ancho Chilles, Chipotle Chilles, Molasses, Guava Nectar, Fresh Ginger, Salt, Spices.

Size: 150ml bottle

Heat Rating: Scorchio!

Maker: Blair's

Country of Origin: USA

by Will
Bought this a couple of years ago and use it sparingly in sauces for chicken wings and in noodle soups. Great flavour but deserves respect from even the most hardened chilli head. ..

by Ben Chandley
I was told that this sauce would be similar to a bottle of Jersey Death I had some time ago (rightly or wrongly), but actually found it to be much better!Where the Jersey was so hot that a single drop in a bowl of soup would make me cry, and then the tears make raised tracks on my face(!), this isn't quite so hot, but has a much better flavour.Other hot sauces (Jersey included) have too much Capsaicin extract to make the heat, this just has a lovely flavour.It does have a LOT of heat, but I can manage a good 4 or 5 dollops on a bowl of soup without it getting ridiculous. Definitely one for the chilli head!..

by Jim bo
I've had a bottle of this for a good 2 years and I'm not even half way through it. That's how sparingly I use it!..

by Matt Clarke
This is certainly very, very hot. It's quite an oily sauce and I had a couple of drops of the oil which gave effects that last a good thirty minutes. I had to seek milk as soon as it met my stomach. Impressive stuff that deserves respect...

by Stephen Black
Yes. It's every bit as hot as it claims to be. I just received my first bottle and tried some on some chicken. WOW!!! Only now is my head starting to cool down. After seeing an email containing photos of some guys at the 'Off The Wall Diner' in Brisbane, Australia, eating burgers laced with this sauce I decided I had to try it. Try it. You won't be disappointed...

by Toby Donovan
This sauce is HOT! ...even the most hardend chilli head won't argue. Goes great in Bloody Marys a few drops and you have a spicy little devil! - 10 out of 10 on the basis that as with all Blairs sauces it has flavour and not just heat...

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