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Dave's Gourmet Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce

What the bottle says...
So Hot It's Spooky! This is a delicious addition to most any food, but especially sauces, meat, and ethinic foods. It also is a great industrial cleaner and grease remover.

What we say...
We always knew that Dave would weave his wicked magic when he got his hands on Nagas and here's a sauce that proves he really knows his stuff when it comes to blending heat, flavour and sauciness. A true chilli master! Used sparingly this will add instant fire with the Naga's trademark fruity taste to anything in your pot.

(And don't be put off by the final point from the bottle about the sauce's industrial cleaning properties - it doesn't really do it justice!).

Price: 7.99 for 142g bottle

Dave's Gourmet Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce
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Dave's Gourmet Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce - Ingredients/Contents

Ingredients: Ghost pepper/Naga Jolokia, hot pepper extract, salt, vegetable oil, roasted garlic pulp, acetic acid

Size: 142g bottle

Heat Rating: Scorchio!

Maker: Dave's Gourmet

Country of Origin: USA

by John
Just got this delivered today, and challenged a workmate to put it in his sandwiches, he overdid it slightly but I have never laughed so hard in my life, I had a bit as well and it is lovely, but very very very hot, this is a sauce that you learn to respect very very quickly. Will put delicious burning hot fire into any dish...

by Jerry
I\'ve been slowly working my way through this and have reached the end of the bottle. I made chilli beef tonight, and used two TABLESPOONS of Dave\'s Gourmet Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce and three TABLESPOONS of West Indian Pepper Sauce. It didnt actually seem that hot, though I did break out in a lot of sweat. I must be becoming innured; when I first tried this, one 1/2 teaspoon was too much. ..

by stupid person
Aaaaaarrrrggghhhh AAAAAARRRRRGHHHHHH the pain doesn\'t stop! What a stupid bloody thing to stick in my mouth. Think I might be dying. Please let me die before I have to use the bog...

by veter uds
This stuff is lovely. It's a nice smooth texture (no bits), sticks to whatever you dip in it just like ketchup. However, ketchup it aint! this sauce is good and hot. It's not overly salty and no trace of vinigar that spoils many hot sauces. The taste is pretty close to pure naga, but with a bit of seasoning for depth. Some people have suggested adding a few drops of this to various foods, but personally I think this is a waste- a sauce this tasty should be enjoyed in its purest form. That said it is good in bolognaise. I cant wait to try more of Dave's Gourmet's selection I'm curious to know if the "ultimate insanity" sauce is hotter(?)..

by Carl Ash
This is the best chilli sauce I have ever tried, without exception. Pure flavour, pure heat.....you keep wanting to go back for more even though your body is in shock and you are hyper-ventilating......the burn is truly intense. But the flavour, wow.........just a brilliant, brilliant sauce. Completely addictive!..

by Brian Lewis
This sauce is incredible the hottest ive ever had it was hilarious getting friends and family to try it ! the sauce itself has an amazing flavour then a sudden ounce of heat which lasts about 15 minutes it is really nice in pasta, curries, bolognese etc i even use it on pot noodle - bombay bad boy added 4 drops was a really nice combination one word BUY!!!!..

by James Pullen
One of the finest hot sauces I've ever had. Seriously hot, but incredibly tasty with it. As long as you're sensible with the dosage this sauce adds a great flavour to anything you want with some extra fire to it. Get the dosage wrong however and this sauce will spank you then laugh in your face. Well worth a purchase for its flavour alone...

by Will Richards
I am a chilli freak (obviously) and very used to very hot foods and sauces. Ate a teaspoon straight of this sauce for a tenner having not tested its power first. It was so very painful, my jaw was trembling at one point! I felt the burn all the way through each section of my digestive system ending in what should've been another tenner's worth of ouch. Very very hot sauce!! the hottest I have ever eaten, with a good initial flavour that lasts about 0.5 seconds. Be cautious..

by Kris Bahoma
I like my hot sauces, ive got a few of blairs, and a few of daves, but this one is somthing else, from the minute you open the bottle and smell the strength, to the minute you put it on somthing, i decided to get a pea sized amount and dip a few crisps in it, you feel the sheer strength of the sauce straight away, with a lasting extremely hot heat that lingers in your mouth, this sauce is definately not for the faint hearted..

by king bender
firstly, i discovered nagas in 2009. they made me feel like a chilli virgin again. when i saw this on sale locally i jumped at the chance of a year round naga kick. but beware, this is the hottest sauce i have ever tasted. my first taste was about 1ml on a tortilla without shaking the bottle. i don't know if it separated and any oil rose to the top but i was in pain from the moment it touched my lips to the moment it came out my rear. seriously, i felt it going all the way through. since then, i use it as an additive to sauces in doses of 0.1ml to 0.3ml. this is hardcore stuff. if you are brave enough or foolish enough, i'd suggest getting hold of a 1ml syringe to dose it accurately. take liberties with this and it will make its presence known...

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